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Debbie supports business leaders from a position of emotional honesty. In everyday interactions with clients, this translates into a high degree of personal warmth, empathy and understanding, mixed with razor-sharp business acumen and the ability to provide ‘friendly challenge’ when needed. Debbie’s years of experience enable her to provide realistic and pragmatic business support. This is always done with love, care and kindness, whether it’s in a one-to one coaching session or through mutli-channel learning on the Common Sense Business platform.

Debbie is driven by a belief that being a small business leader comes with a range of personal and professional challenges, that are best faced with tailored support from people who have dealt with the same kind of issues during their own career and know how to help. The training programmes that she has created, working with other experienced professionals, and now available on the Common Sense Business platform, draw on a wealth of deep knowledge and expertise, including her own experience as a businesswoman.

For part of her career Debbie worked as a high-flying sales professional in retail and big pharma and it is her experience of working in industry, for companies such as the John Lewis Partnership and Novartis that led her to realise that there are some valuable techniques used in big business, that can be used in any size of business but tend not to be implemented by small and medium sized companies. The Common Sense Business e-learning platform, incorporates broadcasts, tutorials, videos, interviews, and worksheets. It distils approaches used to enable multi-million-pound companies succeed and shows small business leaders how they can easily implement them to help them win in their own business.

Debbie provides the kind of support that she knows business leaders really need, having ‘been there’ herself. As a young woman, with a degree in economics in her back pocket, Debbie embarked on what turned out to be an exciting and varied business career. She progressed from her early days working as a sales rep, through the years where she ran her own small business, to working as a high-flyer in big business and then on to working as a business coach. Over the past five-years Debbie has helped 100s of small business leaders in the South West to transform their business and take control of their destiny. 

In Debbie’s words, the Common Sense Business Platform provides the kind of support that she wishes she had had when running her own small business, before moving on to succeed in a number of high-powered roles in industry.

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