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This is a trying time. Keeping faith with your business when the day-to-day reality has been so seriously shifted is hard. You have more interruptions and more demands on you and less quality time. We get that.

Common Sense Business has always been geared to making it easy to fit business development around the other demands on your time. By working on your skills and your business plan you will be doing just that. That way you can make a positive difference to your business and be prepared for when life gets back to normal. Because after all, this isn’t for ever.

To help you with this we have slashed the price of our popular Start programme until September 2020 to only a fiver a month. This is in effect, at cost.

Our courses include:

  • Business Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Getting the right customer
  • Non-selling sales
  • Mission, Vision and Values - Who are you and what do you stand for?
  • MUGS (Markets and Users) - Understand the environment you are working in and clarify your priorities
  • MUGS (Goods and Services) - Define and price what you are selling

And more added all the time!

About Common Sense Business

Common Sense Business is the trusted home of online learning for small businesses. Presenting a vast amount of business-critical material via various mediums, Common Sense Business makes online training extremely accessible to all.

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