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How it Works

You have a good business idea. You feel there are gaps in your knowledge or approach. You want to be sure you are developing your skills from a reliable source that is appropriate for your business. you find it hard to find good quality plain speaking information. Does that sound like you?

Common Sense Business is the trusted engaging resource which allows you to develop your business and your business skills in a calm and relevant way without leaving your desk. Prioritising the relevance for Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Start Ups for us means that our authors and contributors have real hands on experience working with SMEs and Start Ups. This knowledge is also grounded in big business experience. That way you get the best of both worlds.

We are all about explaining business fundamentals and supporting you as you put your learning into practise. This comes through our elearning courses, audios, videos, webinars and ‘the written word’ . There is even optional one to one coaching available too.

We believe in making really efficient use of your time – we know you have other things to do  – so all our resources can be picked up and put down as you need.

We are here to encourage and support you - to make sure your development as an entrepreneur is given the priority you deserve. Last but definitely not least we are all about helping you and your business achieve success and profitable growth so that you can have the lifestyle that you want.

Simple Solutions

The internet is a pool of knowledge for business owners. There is an infinite amount of material available online that aims to provide new knowledge and help you build fundamental skills. However, much of the material is overcomplicated and academic in its approach and is not written with small business owners in mind. Common Sense Business presents information and fills gaps in your knowledge using plain, simple English – so you don’t need a diploma to understand it!

Interactive Content

Everybody learns at different paces and through different methods. Some people find it easier to learn via watching, whereas others prefer to learn by reading or doing. In total, there are seven recognised learning styles – click here to find out more. At Common Sense Business, there is material available to suit all learning styles. You will find interactive e-learning, videos, short exercises, tests, sense sheets, webinars, books, blogs and much more. This varied approach to online training allows you to tailor your learning to your preferred style.

Strive for Success

Here at Common Sense Business, we understand that it is difficult for business owners to take time away from running their company for training; that’s why information is displayed in manageable, bitesize chunks, allowing you to tune in and out at your own pace. We offer a step-by-step guide to help you implement realistic goals and really move your business forwards.

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