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Officially a new business is a start-up for the first three years. Why is that? Quite simply the first 3 years of a business are critical for establishing and becoming a sustainable and profitable business. By building really sound foundations for your business you will be ready to grow and keep growing beyond that initial period. Your foundations cover every aspect of business life from pricing and processes to employing people and finance

At Common Sense Business we know that sometimes the questions you have can feel a bit basic and it can be hard to find a straight forward answer. Common Sense Business provides that safe place to answer those basic questions and have business fundamentals explained.  We can do this because our authors have first hand experience working with small businesses. Generally they have acquired their knowledge working for larger organisations and have successfully made the transition into the world of SMEs

Common Sense Business exists to guide and support you on your business journey. You will find straight forward easy to understand concepts and ideas clearly explained. We make it simple for you to put a good framework in place so you can focus on what you make, create, sell or do. The CSB learning portal and webinars have been prepared specifically with you in mind. We provide an affordable, trustworthy way of acquiring knowledge.

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