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Business Planning Programme

The Common Sense Business planning programme has a proven track record and has been written specifically to meet the needs of small businesses. Going through the full programme will lead you to a straightforward business plan summarised in just one page. This will give focus and make it more likely that you will put your plan into action.

The Modules are:

Module 1: Getting Started

Is it worth your time? Who is a business plan for and why it is worth completing?

Module 2: SWOT Plus

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and the Commons Senses Business  SWOT Plus which will give key insights to help you define your action plan

Module 3: Mission, Vision, Values

What are they? Takes you from ‘I haven’t got a clue’ to ‘ this is who we are’. In essence purpose and direction that aligns with your values.

Module 4: Setting Business Goals

What is it you want to achieve and by when?

Module 5: Customers

Your customers - who are they

Module 6: MUGS 1 – Market and Users

Understand the environment you are working in and clarify your priorities

Module 7: MUGS 2 – Goods and Services

Define and price what you are selling

Module 8: The One Page Plan

What next summarised in one page and supported by detailed action plans.

Module 9: A Plan to Share

Adapting your plan to be right for your audience from yourself to funders

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